Weight Loss

Let's start off by talking about WEIGHT LOSS. I know a lot of girls like myself have struggled with their weight and I'd like to share a few tips on how I lost 25 lbs.After giving birth to my son in 2008 I have gained a total of 25 lbs,and kept it on for about 3 years. Until early 2012 when I realized that I cannot let myself go and gradually worked on BRINGING THE SEXY BACK.It was a long and bumpy road for me having to juggle work & household, and it did not happen over night.So here no advertisements,no shenanigans, just ways to loose weight effectively. Now everyone is different and I do not guarantee that this would work on everyone. I came from a family of heavyweights. Almost all of my relatives are "thick" no offense to them,but I'm trying to say is that there are factors that contributes to your weight like your DNA, it's in our genes.So never call anyone FAT! because you have no idea how it hurts. Some people were just born LUCKY! I'm jealous =(.But anyway before I list my tips down  I think I should share a before and after picture.

Yup that was me I didn't have any confidence, nothing looks nice on me but the worst thing of all is I did not feel healthy. I get tired easily, therefore I don't want to do anything or go anywhere. Boring!.

And this is me now.

I don't know if you guys can see the difference. But most of the weight I lost was from my thighs and face.


  • Treadmill, run at least 30 minutes a day or 1 hour every other day.It was hard for me in the beginning because I had been hibernating for 3 years. Start with 10 mins then add as much minutes as you want once your body starts to get stronger and stronger the longer you can tolerate running. You don't even have to run. Just speed walk. Remember we constantly burn calories with activities. (we burn calories when we laugh,climb a flight of stairs or even when we do household chores). It's all about intake and output. How much calories in and how much calories out. Another reason for weight gain is over eating and being inactive.
  • Zumba?  Si!. YES YES YES!!. I love dancing and zumba was the "it" thing these days. Because its upbeat, the music and the moves are exciting , next thing you know, you are drenched with sweat and 35 minutes had gone and you burned about 500 calories.
  • Eat right, I believe that we should be able to eat what we want but in moderation. I find it harder so deprive myself with food because I end up cheating myself. 
  • Healthy snacks, when you feel hungry in the middle of the day, get yourself a healthy snack that is low in calories like carrots,celery, apple or even almonds.
  • Avoid eating food that are high in sodium(ex. chips,canned goods, ready to eat noodles)
  • Take the stairs. Elevators are convenient but not when your trying to loose weight. You will burn 4-16 calories per minute walking up and down the stairs. Not bad right?.
  • Calorie count, there is an app for counting your calorie download it, its very helpful like what I've already said calorie input and output. It's good to have an easy access log of your food consumption.
  • Believe in your self,you can do anything if you believe.
  • Last but not the least DISCIPLINE, it's always the key to achieve pretty much anything in life. 

I hope you guys will find this post informative, and use it to reach your ideal weight. Remember  stay fit. Loose weight the healthy way. And let me know about your progress.