North West, True Blood ,Miami heat and Instagram Video

Hello everyone!, finally blogging again and what other way to start a blog by talking about Kim Kardashian's baby girl.So it's been confirmed by a very reliable source that Kim and Kanye's babies name had been released and I cannot believe she named her baby North West. It is quite unique so i can give her credit for that but North West? as in compass NW? WHY? I love Kim not in a personal level, I haven't met her or anything but I surely adore her for being successful however way she did it or achieved it, but a name is a name its permanent not unless she (North West) decides to change her name when she is of right age, which I hope she does but who am I to judge Kim she can name her baby however she wants.I bet she thought about this name carefully and expected people to react (if I may say violently LOL).So lets all suck it up and move on with our lives.I can't wait to see the baby tho.
Anyway who else watched the season premiere of True Blood last Sunday? It was intense, on my opinion I was thrilled throughout the episodes I waited for this season for so long and it finally came , I can't help but notice that Sooki looked really good since she lost so much weight from the previous season FYI she was pregnant with Bills' baby yes Bill the vampire (Jackson Douglas). Anyway enough with the fun facts. Who else was shocked when Sooki sticked Bill in the back? I can't wait for the next episode. I love everything about this show because I grew up  with talking about vampires,ware wolfs, shape shifters and fairies like constantly. My parents used to scare the sh*t out of me with vampire stories so I'll be home before sun down.Other than the unnecessary frontal nudity True Blood is AWESOME.

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Miami heat YAY!Im not a big basketball fan but my sister in law lives in Miami and she kept us updated with the game 88-95 against San Antonio Spurs congrats Miami Heat.

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And finally today instagram launched a new feature which allows us to upload up to 15 seconds of video to share with our family and friends, which I thought was really great. I haven't even downloaded this thing they call Vine which is also a video sharing app that's starting to get really famous. What can I say the owner of instagram will not let anyone steal their thunder, not anytime soon. I have not tried it however but I have been watching peoples video and it is quite entertaining so-- good job instagram for increasing the 25% of my life to be spend looking at tv,laptop and cellphone screens to possibly 35%.I feel sorry for my eyes now but hey all for the sake of entertainment right? CHEERS.

I do not take credit for this picture. Click here

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